13 New Transformers in Rise of the Beasts

You all have seen the second trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The film Transformers is one that has attracted many people. The cars changing into different robots and the planet being different for them was something new and enjoyable. Transformers had many movies released in different parts. Following this is Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which will release on 9 June 2023.

The trailer of this film has a lot of robots and animal-like robots, unlike the previous Transformers films. The climax of this film is going to be like the endgame film with huge action scenes. So far Transformers movies have only shown two races, autobots and decepticons. But this movie is going to show a lot of transformers species. Let’s see what kind of species are going to be there.

Autobots Team: 6 members
Optimus Prime plays an important role in this film. It is at this point that Optimus Prime arrives on Earth. The film will be a sequel to Bumble Bee. The film crew has said that the film will have the origin story of Optimus Prime. Robots named Bumblebee will play an important role. This bumblebee is the reason the Autobots come to Earth. The Mirage autobots are strangely able to create clones of themselves. You can clearly see this in the trailer. The entire plot of this film revolves around Mirage.

The Autobot’s character Wheel Jack is a Volkswagen-like vehicle. Both Wheel Jack and Mirage are soldiers among the Autobots. Arcee is an Autobot that transforms into a motorbike. This character is a very intelligent robot. Arcee is the only female robot in the Autobots team. Stratosphere is one character that is not built in this trailer. The Stratosphere is a robot that transforms into a plane with the ability to fly.

Maximals Team: 4 Members
The entire team is transformer robots that look like animals. The robots in these Maximals are capable of time travel. This team will definitely have a plot like time-traveling robots living on Earth from the future. Robot Optimus Primal is the leader of this team of Maximals. This character looks like King Kong. Cheetor is as much a robot on the Maximals team as Bumblebee is on the Autobots. It has a very fast running ability.


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