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Kumari Malayalam Movie Review

Casting and Characters:
Aishwarya Lekshmi – Kumari Devan
Shine Tom Chacko – Dhuruvan
Surabhi Lakshmi – Muthamma
Shruthy Menon – Parijatham
Swasika – Lakshmi

This week, let’s look at the review of the Malayalam movie kumari. Let’s see if this film is up to Tumbad. First, let’s see what the story of this film is. The entire story is about what happened to the heroine of the film, who gets married to that house without knowing that the house and the village where she is going to get married are cursed. This story is very interesting like the stories told by our grandparents. The whole story is interesting and mysterious. At the beginning of this film, a grandmother tells a story for 15 minutes which is interesting. But the climax of this film is not very good.

Aishwarya Lekshmi has done a fantastic job with this film and acting that suits the story. The cinematography and background music of this film was very lively for this film. 12 generations ago and the current period has been shown very realistically. Apart from that, the music for the two quarters was excellent. The most favorite thing about this Kumari movie is definitely the music.

The story of the second part of this kumari movie is not that interesting. The main reason for that is that the plot has dragged on for too long. On the whole, how this film turned out, would have been more interesting if it had been changed and concentrated on the climax and making. The climax was unbelievably bad.


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