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Brazil comic-con | Becky Lynch in MCU | Dead Pool New Villian | Princess of Skrulls

Let’s see what interesting superhero news we’ve got for this week. As Brazil comic-con is going on, they are giving a lot of updates. As always, let’s see what updates are coming from the Marvel side.

Unexpectedly, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer was released. It is believed that the movie will be even better as this trailer was very good. Emotions and comedy are handled well by James Gunn in this trailer. This movie definitely has a lot of potentials to be the height of tragedy. James Gunn says this is the last Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Following that, the trailer for Loki season 2 was not released as expected. They are teasing who is the villain of Loki season 2. Everyone will think Kang is the villain. But, he didn’t. The villain is Kate Dickie. You have already seen her in the Game of Thrones series. WWE’s Becky Lynch is now rumored to be cast in Eternals 2.

Dead Pool’s villain is now being teased. We have received information that it will be a female villain. There are chances of Lady Deadpool or Danger comic characters coming as villains.

Bob Iger is making a lot of changes now that he’s at Disney as the new CEO. Mainly Bob Iger made many changes in Marvel Phase 5 and 6. Many people did not like the films and series released in Phase 4 and not as much as expected. This is why they have made many changes in phase 5. Mainly cut quantity and give more importance to quality. Now they are trying to bring back Ultron, who was an important villain in Iron Man.

Emilia Clarke to play the lead role in Secret Wars. No word yet on what it is. He is the character who impressed everyone in Game of Thrones. Looking at the available information, there are more chances to play the role of the princess of Skrulls. DC has released a poster for Blue Beatles. The poster is designed to attract everyone. While this film was to be released on HBO Max, now it is going to be released in theaters as a movie. And this concludes the superhero news for this week.


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