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DCU Chapter 1 – Gods and Monsters | Movies and Series Breakdown

Finally, James Gunn has given updates on the DCU. DCU Chapter 1 has 10 films and series coming out. DCU Chapter 1 is titled Gods and Monsters. The DCU has undergone as many changes as the MCU. Here are 10 movies and series to come in DCU Chapter 1.

  1. Superman Legacy
  2. Batman – Brave and the Bold
  3. The Batman 2
  4. The Lanterns
  5. Wonder Woman – Paradise Lost
  6. Supergirl – Women of Tomorrow
  7. Swamp Thing
  8. Booster Gold
  9. Creature Commandos
  10. The Authority

James Gunn has written the writing and screenplay for Superman Legacy. Henry Cavill is definitely not going to be the old Superman in this movie. They are going to cast a new cast instead of him. James Gunn has said it will be a different story without Superman’s origin story. They are going to bring not only a new Superman but also a new Batman character. The film will be about Batman and his son. The title of this film is Brave and the Bold.

Paradise Lost is a prequel story for Wonder Woman. It is a High Budget Tv Series coming on HBO Max like Game of Thrones. Just like the Superman movie Man of tomorrow, the Supergirl movie Women of Tomorrow is coming out. It’s definitely a different Supergirl story on a distant planet. It was released as a comic story a few weeks ago.

John Cena-starred Peacemaker 2 has been canceled and will be replaced by the Waller series. Waller Series may come as a sequel to Peacemaker 2 without stopping to complete it. Next up is Creature Commandos, a werewolf-style monster movie. The plot is exactly like that of Worldwar. Booster Gold is coming as a time travel-related movie. This series is definitely going to be a lot of fun. Swamp Thing is going to be a horror movie. In this, you will see the origin story of the creature called Swamp Thing. This film will be an R-rated horror film. This DCU Chapter 1 movie and series are different and there are more new characters, so we don’t know how it will turn out.


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