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Flash FLOP, Avatar, and World War Hulk – Superhero news

Lots of interesting superhero news this week from the DCU and Marvel sides. First, let’s see what updates there are in the DCU. After many promotions, The Flash movie has been released and is running in theatres. But the film did not collect as much as DC expected. So far The Flash has collected only 55 million domestically. This collection is 10 million less than Black Adam. In total, the Flash movie collected only 140 million worldwide. The main reason for this is said to be Ezra Miller. This movie has a lot of chance to become a FLOP.

The Flash director Andrés Muschietti is now set to direct The Brave and the Bold next in the DCU. Cast work for Superman Legacy is complete. As soon as possible, the cast for the character of Superman will be announced. Tom Cruise is rumored to be starring in the DCU. The Penguin movie has been confirmed as Horror rated. The movie The Penguin Tv series will release in 2024.

Many upcoming films at Marvel Studios have been delayed. Only the Deadpool movie is slated to release next year on May 3, 2024. After that, 7 films will be released with a delay of 8 months. It has been reported that the movie Avengers secret wars will release on May 2, 2027. Avengers Kang Dynasty and Avengers secret wars are two movies that are delayed by 1 year. Similarly, the film team has said that Avatar 3 will be released in 2025, Avatar 4 will be released in 2029, and Avatar 5 will be released in 2031.

This week Secret Invasion is releasing on Hotstar. While the premiere of this film is over, Secret Invasion is said to be good at the premiere. The Secret Invasion series is said to give the vibe of Captain America’s winter soldier. Distribution rights for Hulk have now returned to Marvel. With the distribution rights for the Hulk character getting back, the chances of making a World War: Hulk film are high. Sony Entertainment has now received information that the shooting work of El Muerto will start next month.

Casting work for Mortal Compact 3 has been completed. As the Netflix Tudum event is over, some updates have arrived. While Extraction 2 is released, they have said that Extraction 3 will also be made. After years of waiting, Netflix has released the teaser for Avatar The Last Airbender. This film will release in 2024. It has been reported by Netflix that the Avatar The Last Airbender series will be released only in 2024 as the film’s VFX and animation work is too much.


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