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Henry Cavil as Spiderman and Kang in Fantastic Four #superheronews

They are giving a small update for The Marvel’s movie. The film was slated to release in July 2023 and will release in November 2023. The VFX animation work for The Marvel’s film is pending and there is a delay of 5 months. They want to give more quality and fewer projects in the upcoming Marvel films. This year, only two series namely Loki season 2 and Secret Invasion will be released. As some films get delayed, there is a high chance that all the upcoming movies will get delayed. Series like What if, Echo, and Agatha Coven of Choas which were released this year will be released next year.

Kevin Feige, the director of Marvel Studious, during the promotion of Antman Quantumania, said what films would come out next. The script work for Spiderman 4 has started. Kevin Feige has said that this movie will be the next release of Kang Dynasty. Emma Corrin Lands is playing the villain role of Deadpool 3. Kavin Feige has confirmed that Deadpool 3 is definitely horror rated. Kavin Feige has said that the Fantastic Four movie will be the pillar for the next Marvel movies. Kang the Conqueror will be the main villain in Fantastic Four. Casting work for Fantastic Four is set to begin next month.

A new rumor is that Henry Kevil will be coming to Spiderman UK. Not sure how appropriate that would be. James Gunn has said that updates for the next Superman from the DC side will come in the next 2 months. The first look poster of Joker 2 has been released on February 14. Harley Quinn and Joker are clearly shown in that poster. A new series for Hellboy is coming. They have rebooted 3 times to get this series. Shooting work for King Ceaser of the Apes is complete. Will Smith’s Bad Boys 4 and I am Legend 2 have been confirmed. The running time of John wick 4 has been confirmed as exactly 2 hours 49 minutes. The duration of this film is the longest among the John Wick films released so far. Because in this film they have given more importance to the story.


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