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Man of Steel 2 | Red Hulk in Thunderbolts | Avatar 2 Running Time #Superheronews

man of steel 2

Hello readers, here you can find all the superhero news and updates for this week. Lots of updates coming from the DC and Marvel sides. First, let’s see what updates are coming from DC.

At the end of the Black Adam film, Superman’s character, Henry Cavill, everyone had high expectations. While there are no updates for Man of Steel (or) Superman 2, now we have received information that the film has been canceled. The character of Superman is a character that attracts everyone. Let’s wait for any updates for this movie soon.

Director James Gunn has been teasing several new updates and characters from DC. Last week he teased a new character named Robo and now he is introducing a new DC superhero named Mister Terrific. Mister Terrific is a character that nobody knows much about.

Some in the family of Thor character Chris Hemsworth have been told that Alzheimer’s risk is high. He has said that he is staying away from acting for a while as there is a high chance of getting affected. Alzheimer’s risk mostly affects people over 50 years of age, but now it seems to affect people younger than that as well.

It has been reported that the shooting for Captain America: New World Order will start in early 2023. It is reported that the plot of this film will be directly related to thunderbolts. Shooting work for Thunderbolts will start next year. There is a lot of possibility of the much-awaited Red hulk in this film. Falcon will create a team for himself in this film. There is a possibility of a small civil war happening in this film.

You will see a lot of the character White Tiger in the Spider-man animated series. This white tiger is a very mystical character. Now there is a rumor that the character of the White tiger is going to appear in the Daredevil born again series. Not only that but there are a lot of scopes for Spider-Man to come in.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of everyone’s favorite series. All the fans are wondering if the next part of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will come or not. It has been reported that female characters have been cast in this film instead of Jack Sparrow. Two Pirates of the Caribbean films are in the works. But there are no updates for this yet.

The running time of Avatar: The Way of Water is out now. It has been revealed that its running time will be exactly 3 hours 12 minutes i.e. 192 minutes overall running time. It is expected to be a very grand film. The shooting work for the next film SAW 10 has now started. John Greymar, who appeared in SAW 1 and SAW 2, has now been cast.


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