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New Marvel Series | Coven of Chaos| Vision Quest #Superheronews

Hello readers, let’s see what’s coming in superhero news for this week. Let’s start from the Marvel side first. Two new trailer updates have arrived from Marvel. The first trailer was Antman wasp, in this trailer they clearly showed the villain Kang the conqueror. This trailer was really good. Next up is the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special trailer. Apart from that, the Wakanda forever premiere is over.

Henry Kevil, the hero of Superman, was reported to be acting in Loki season 2 and when asked about it, he openly said, “I’m not acting in it.” Apart from that, it has been reported that Marvel is taking up a new web series project called Vision Quest. It can be said that the character Vision is an important character in the Wanda vision series. It has been reported that Marvel is giving importance to the horror-rated series as the next saga.

Sony has selected the directors for Venom 3. Writers of venom 1 and venom 2 have now turned directors. Venom 3 movies will be an important movie for sony studios. DC has revealed that the Batman film is slated to release in 2025. There is information that a series called Green Lantern is coming. henry kevil actor quit the witcher series

The promotion for Black panther Wakanda forever is going very well. There are many promos every day. It has been revealed that the iron heart series is the sequel to this film. So the expectation for the iron heart series has increased.

Apart from that, there is a lot of opportunity to give a leadup for Agatha – a coven of chaos movie this week. Two new characters have been roped in for Agatha. Blade movie is one of the most anticipated movies from the Marvel side. But now we have received information that the shooting of the film has been postponed. It seems that it will take more than two years for the film to hit the screens.

Dead pool movie is one of the most popular movies. It has now been confirmed that Wolverine will act in the film. Expectations for the film are high. Marvel fans are looking forward to Secret Wars. The sandman movie has been released on Netflix and has received a great response. After that, there are reports that the film The sand man 2 will be shot.


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