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Is Snyderverse Return and Kang in Moonknight season 2

Today there is some interesting news related to Marvel Studios. Apart from that there are some updates on the DCU side. The MCU has said that the script of all the Marvel movies released after this will not be leaked. Notably, all the scripts of Marvel films and series released earlier were leaked. The entire script of Antman Quantumania was leaked online before the release of the film. Marvel has disabled their Reddit account as the entire league occurs from the Reddit website.

Some insiders have reported that the Moon knight 2 series will definitely be released in Phase 6. Kang will definitely be in this Moon knight 2 series. If Kang is not in the series, some things related to him will definitely come into the series. Moon knight season 2 takes place in Egypt so you can guess which Kang will be in it. The Rama-Tut version of Kang who appeared in the post-credit scene of Quantumania will appear in Moon knight season 2.

Superman legacy is the new film to be made by the DCU. DCU director James Gunn is set to direct the movie. James Gunn has written all the script work for Superman Legacy. James Gunn has said that you will see a different Superman from the Superman seen before. Jack Snyder posted the video on his Twitter page. He has released a video saying that updates related to Dark Seid will come on April 28-30 2023. This update will definitely be Snyderverse related. Updates on Jack Snyder’s next projects may come out on April 28-30.


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