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*Spoiler* The Flash LEAKED Story Plot

Interest in The Flash Movie continues to grow. This movie will be the reboot for the next movies in the DCU. Everyone who saw this movie at the premiere said it was good and that it will be the best movie of DCU. Now the storyline for this flash movie is leaked. There are definitely 50-70% spoilers in it. Don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers. It was very good till I read its plot. In this, they are completely giving more importance to Flash. There are many cameos in this film.

At the film’s beginning, Ben Affleck and the Flash team up to save the Martha Institute. Which Flash tries to save the children at the Institute and Batman tries to stop terrorists. It is at this point that Wonder Woman comes to help them. This Wonder Women scene will be a small cameo. Flash goes to visit his father in prison. He meets Ben Affleck while on the road mourning his father. Ben Affleck advises Flash. That’s when Flash tells Ben Affleck that he’ll time travel and save my mom and dad. Ben Affleck says that when you change the past by time travel, it has worse consequences.

The next day Flash disobeys Ben Affleck’s speech and uses the Speed Force to time travel. Flash faints while time traveling. When the unconscious Flash wakes up, he finds himself in 2013 in another timeline. He meets Flash in another universe. But he has no powers. To give him power, they go to the place where this flash got power in the lab. But by mistake Flash in this timeline gets power but another flash loses his powers. It is during this time that Zack Zodiac wants to turn the world into Crpton. To stop it, the two Flashes encounter Batman, unsure of what to do. But Batman refuses to accompany them at first. Then they make peace and take him away.

Next, Batman and Flash team up to save Supergirl, who is being turned into a military man named Zod. You will see this scene in the trailer. All of them together are thinking of giving power to another Flash. But since he doesn’t get powers, Supergirl decides to lift Flash into the sky and give him powers through lightning. Because of that decisive lightning strike, Flash gets extra powers. Flash. Everyone like Batman and Supergirl forms a small team and tries to stop Zod. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t stop Zod.

He time travels thinking that only if his mother dies he can prevent this from happening. Flash travels through time before his mother dies. Then it is understood that his mother died due to reverse flash. He thinks that he can save his mother by making her come to Late’s house. How he saved the world after this is the entire Flash story.


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