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The angriest superheroes in Marvel and DC

Here we will see about the angriest superheroes in Marvel and DC. As far as comics are concerned, there are many superheroes but we will only talk about the angriest heroes.

Hang Beam
You will see this character in Antman. He is the angriest man in the comics. In the comics, the wasp is abused many times. If someone touches his ego, he gets angry and behaves badly.

The character of Wolverine is one of the most attractive to everyone. All the Logan films so far have been huge hits. He behaves in a very angry and aggressive manner. Anger can be said to be Logan’s identity.

Red Hood
Next in third place is red hood named Jason. He is also one of the angriest people. He has a lot of anger toward batman. The joker will mentally torture the red hood very badly.

Punisher is the character that everyone has seen the most. He behaves very badly. He has a lot of military training so he is good at handling all kinds of guns.

In fifth place is Rorschach. He acted in Watchman. He has detective and fight activities almost like batman. If someone makes a mistake in front of him, he cannot bear it. He will become a very bad and psycho type.


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