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The Flash 2023 Trailer Breakdown

After several months of reshoots, the trailer for Flash is finally out. The anticipation for the film has increased since watching this trailer. This Flash movie is going to be a precursor to James Gunn’s subsequent movies. During the shooting of this film, James Gunn completely changed the story and did 4-5 reshoots. Some test audiences who saw this film said it is different and wonderful from the DCU films that have come so far. If you haven’t seen the trailer of this movie, you should watch it.

At the beginning of the film, they definitely start with Batman and Flash. In this film, Flash’s suit is updated. His entire suit is contained in the ring he wears. Chances are it’s definitely Nano Technology. Ben Affleck must have created the entire Nano Technology suit. Something attacks where Batman belongs. Batman and Flash try to stop this attack together. But they lose it. Flash does time travel to prevent this from happening. Flash can time travel to save his mother. Flash travels through time and meets another Flash in another timeline.

Flash loses all his power due to Time travel and messing up the universe. This film features an older Batman in another timeline. Another Timeline has Supergirl instead of Superman. She is locked up somewhere. Flash and Batman save this supergirl. The villain in Man of Steel is coming to turn Earth into Krypton. According to this timeline, the villain General Dru-Zod is coming. In Man of Steel, Superman fights Dru-Zod and saves the Earth. But in this timeline, Super Girl, Flash, and Batman team up to fight against Dru-Zod. In addition to Dru-Zod, there is another important villain in the film. I don’t know how this movie will end. This film will release on 16 June 2023.


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