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Thor 5 and Transformers 7 first Look | Across the Spider-Verse #superheronews

Hello readers, here is the most interesting superhero news for this week. First, let’s see what updates are coming from the DC side. It has been reported that production work is going on for a new series called Penguin at DC. This storyline is very likely to be similar to the Rise to Powers storyline in the comics. It has been reported that all the casting work for this film has been completed. It has been revealed that this penguin movie will be a lead-up for Batman 2. Bigger DC updates are likely to come in the next couple of months from James Gunn’s side.

Bob Iger has rejoined Marvel Studios. He resigned from his position two years ago and now returns to Marvel Studios. This week, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was released on Disney+. If you have time, definitely watch it, you have a chance to catch it. Yann Demange has stepped in as the director of Blade stepped away from the film. Apart from that, there is a new scriptwriter named Michael Starbury. Both of these have been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios.

Whether Thor 5 will come next has raised questions among many. Thor star Chris Hemsworth is away from acting due to ill health. In a recent podcast, Chris Hemsworth said that there are chances of Thor 5 coming in the future. Everyone knows that a film called Thunderbolts is coming, and it has been revealed that the film will be linked with the film New World Order.

As the rights of Namor and Hulk are now with Universal Pictures, it has been revealed that they cannot make a solo movie for them. It has been revealed that the rights to Namor and Hulk will be transferred to Marvel Studios at the end of 2023. The pre-advanced shooting work of Spiderman 4 started from Sony Pictures. Apart from that, the trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming soon. As the movie Transformers: Rise of the beasts is releasing next year, the film team is releasing the posters for it.


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