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Titanic 2 – Ocean Gate and Deadpool 3 – Superhero News

In this blog post, let’s look at the exciting superhero news that happened this week. Since the WGA strike has been going on for six months, no major updates are available. Apart from that, the dates of some upcoming films have been changed. It has been reported that many actresses and directors have participated in this WGA strike. Many films like Dead Pool 3, Venom 3, Gladiator 2, Mortal Compact 2, etc. have been halted.

The release date of next week’s films except Oppenheimer which is coming this week may be changed. Cast work for the new 4 superheroes for Superman Legacy is complete. Green Lantern, Mr. Cast’s work for comic characters like Terrific, Half Girl, and Metamorpho is over. It has been reported that there will be more superheroes in this Superman Legacy film. Blue Beetle movie is releasing on 18 August 2023. The running time of this film is confirmed as 2 hours and 7 minutes. Blue Beetle is followed by Aquaman 2 in December. The reshooting work for Aquaman 2 is going on.

This week’s hot topic on Marvel’s side is Wolverine vs Deadpool 3. Marvel Official has released the first look of Deadpool and Wolverine. Apart from that, Behind the scene footage was also released. Episode 5 of Secret Invasion was released on Wednesday. Episode 5 was better than expected. Last year many marvels special presentation movies were released. But we have received information from Marvel that there will be no more special presentation movies. Considering the quality of the films, special presentation films like Nova, Silver Suffer, and Man-Thing have been stopped.

James Gunn is now reported to be doing a solo movie for Starlord. It has been reported that Marvel has a movie called Lengentry Starlord under development. This concludes the Marvel updates for this week, continuing with the news from Hollywood. A few days ago it was reported that 5 people had died on a trip to the Titanic’s sinking site at Oceangate. The shooting for Lost of Us season 2 is going on. The team has informed us that Lost of Us season 2 will be released in two parts.


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