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Avatar: The Way of Water Review | No Spoilers

Finally, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water has been released and is receiving a great response. This film definitely lives up to the hype of the first part of Avatar. Avatar: The Way of Water is a great movie and all the underwater scenes in 3D are fantastic. Apart from that the VFX and Animation were very beautiful. Mainly in this film, music and sound effects were the pillars of the film. Avatar: The Way of Water’s animals and robots were amazingly well-crafted.

Only the plot of this film was modest. Because the whole Avatar 2 part was a revenge story. Although the film gave a separate development for the villain, the character was inconsistent. It is believed that the villain will have more importance in the upcoming films. If you go to see this film based on the first part, you will be a little disappointed. The facial expressions in the film, mainly in the emotional scenes, were very real. It can be said that the film is emotionally very strong.

The whole plot is based on Family Emotions. There is anticipation about how the next Avatar 3,4,5 will be. Everyone who watches this film will understand the story clearly. You can easily predict what will happen next in the film. The duration of the film is too long. 20 minutes would have been a little better if it was cut in this film. The plot of the film does not move mainly with the hero. The whole story moves with the villain. Despite some flaws in this film, it is making record collections. This movie will definitely be spectacular if you watch it in IMAX 3D.


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