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Enola Holmes 2 Movie Review

Casting and Characters

Millie Bobby Brown – Enola Holmes
Sam Claflin – Mycroft Holmes
Henry Cavill – Henry Cavill
Louis Partridge – Tewkesbury
Helena Bonham Carter – Eudoria Holmes
Fiona Shaw – Miss Harison

Enola Holmes 2 is finally out on Netflix. enola holmes 1 was released and received a huge response from fans. If you like all mystery movies then this movie will definitely be your favorite. The plot is adapted from Sherlock Homes. Millie Bobby Brown has done an amazing job in this, acting beautifully and fitting the story. Everyone knows that he acted in Stranger Things. He fits the role of Enola-holmes.

enola holmes 2 has more fight scenes while Enola holmes 1 compares. Let’s see the story of the film in brief. Enola will be a detective in the movie. But in this, it is shown that he runs a detective agency. He gets a case from a little girl. Did he solve that case? The story will be about what kind of trouble he got into.

Screen timing was given to all the characters as much as possible and the story could be understood well. As in Sherlock holmes style, the plot moves very nicely. Apart from that, this film had a lot of twists and terms which made the story interesting. Henry Cavill acted more in this film. His character development was given very beautifully. In some places, the story narrated by Enola-holmes was very nice. Apart from that, the production quality of the film was very great and the old architecture shown in it was wonderful.


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