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Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities horror Web Series Review

Let’s take a look at Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities horror web series, released on Netflix last week. This web series has 8 episodes shot by 8 directors. If you are a horror fan then you will definitely like this. Guillermo del Toro’s will be hosting these films initially. All the episodes are based on his short stories. He gives a short introduction at the beginning of each episode. It was good.

The production quality and style of the 8episdoes of this film seemed to suit the story. There is more curiosity in every episode which made me interested to watch all the stories. Now let’s see how it was for each episode-wise.

Episode 1: Lot 36; Director: Guillermo Navarro
This storyline is oddly related to Satan. In the beginning, the hero of the story buys lot 36. He wants to sell all the things in it. Then they wake up Satan in that place. How they managed it will be the story.

Episode 2: Graveyard Rats; Director: Vincenzo Natali
This story is about rats that live on the bodies of dead people. The person who buries the corpses in the crematorium takes the gold from the bodies of the dead corpses for money. Then the story will be about how he got caught by the rats and escaped.

Episode 3: The Autopsy; Director: David Prior
This story makes for a very interesting crime thriller. It will be the story of a person who autopsies the bodies of those who died in a mine accident. This will be the story that breaks the mystery of their death.

Episode 4: The Outside; Director: Ana Lily Amirpour
The story is about how a woman with bad looks is victimized and what she does about it. It will be a very normal story. It will not be so interesting. The ending of this story will be different.

Episode 5: Pickman’s Model; Director: Keith Thomas
This storyline will be different. In this story, another person is affected by the person who paints the painting. When looking some paintings, creates illusions for others as in that painting. The story will be about how a victim escaped.

Episode 6: Dreams in the Witch House; Director: Catherine Hardwicke
In this story, brother and sister will live happily. The younger sister died in a panic. He will see her spirit in person. He thinks that somehow he has to rescue her from the spirit world. What happened after that is the story.

Episode 7: The Viewing; Director: Panos Cosmatos
This episode won’t be that good. Many are likely to fall asleep while watching this. It will be a story about a different alien. This episode was not that interesting. But the climax was a bit tame.

Episode 8: The Murmuring; Director: Jennifer Kent
In this, a husband and wife will be researching birds together. They stay in a house in the middle of the forest to research birds. Then they will find out what is causing the supernatural happenings in that house. This storyline is going to be very interesting.


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