Interesting Facts about Avatar: The Way of Water Movie

Finally, Avatar: way of water is releasing on December 16. This film has already been pre-released for some people. Avatar film is almost 6 years delayed and now it is going to hit the screens. This is why the expectation for this film is high. Now you can know about interesting facts and details that you don’t know about this movie.

James Cameron had planned to shoot this film in 2009. But this film did not go into production work in 2009. The production work of this film started in 2014. James Cameron has expanded this avatar image a lot. James Cameron has created a massive plot of over 1500 pages. Following this Avatar 5 work is going on. The budget for this film is almost 250 Million Dollars. Disney did not buy the Avatar brand. All rights are owned by 20th Century Fox. The running time of this movie is 3 hours and 10 minutes. No doubt it will definitely be a family entertainer. The director has said that this Avatar film will be a standalone film. Avatar 1 is not necessary to watch this movie.

This movie is PG-13 so everyone can watch it. Although there is half nudity in this film, it will not make anyone frown. This film is shot entirely in 3D. To capture this in 3D, Sony and the Avatar team have developed a camera called Venice.

The main reason for the late shooting of this film is that technology has not improved as it should. They built a big tank and shot underwater scenes for this film. James Cameron has achieved motion capture technology by making people walk underwater. It is said that this film will have a variable frame rate. Normal output images are 24 frames per second. But the frame rate of this film will be different. The plot of this film is taken almost 15 years after Avatar. Watch this movie in IMAX 3D and it will be amazing.


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