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Jason Momoa Slumberland Movie Review

Hello readers, in this we are going to see how the fantasy and adventure movie Slumberland is released in 2022. First, let’s briefly see what the story of this film is. The story of a daughter who hopes to somehow meet her dead father in a dream world called slumberland. Whether or not she finally meets her father is the whole story. Just by looking at this plot, it is clear that this is a film that can appeal to children more.

Casting and Characters:
Jason Momoa – Flip
Marlow Barkley – Nemo
Kyle Chandler – Peter
Humberly Gonz├ílez – graciela
India de Beaufort – Ms. Arya

Positive Side:
Director Francis Lawrence has made the story of this film a very beautiful and technical sound film. The cinematography by joe Williams is very high quality and visually appealing. The editing work of this film was very superb. Because the scene that goes into the dream world and the contrast to the real world is handled so beautifully. The music of this film was jolly and enjoyable. Not only that, the CGI, VFX, and SFX in this film are stunning to the point where there is no fault. The places shown in the dream world of slumberland were very surprising and different. The father and daughter characters played in this film were very well acted. Apart from that, Jason Momoa’s emotional scene is amazing.

Negative Side:
Children are targeted throughout this film. So some of the scenes may not be believable when viewed by adults. To put it bluntly, I don’t understand why these people go to slumberland from the real world. Not only that, but the story made it seem unbelievable that if the next person dies in the dream, we will also die. This film is intended for children only. This movie is dubbed into many languages. So it can be seen and enjoyed by various people.


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