John wick chapter 4 trailer is out and the movie is releasing the next year 2023.

Hello readers, john wick chapter 4 trailer is out and the movie is releasing the next year 2023. The release of this film has been delayed for two years. The hype for this film is high. Let’s have a look at the interesting things like how the trailer looks and what to expect from the film.

So far 4 films have come out with only action scenes. Those action scenes can be said to be the success of this film. This film impressed many people. In the first part, he takes revenge on several gangsters for killing a dog gifted to him by his wife. The story is interesting and the fight scenes are fantastic. But the stories of the films that came after it changed a lot like high table, elder, and assassins. Not only that, continental hotel-viewing rules, punishment for those who violate the regulations, etc. attracted people more. John Wick Chapter 4 is not the end of the story and there will be more movies to follow. This film can be the foundation for upcoming films. Well, let’s see what this trailer looks like.

At the start of the trailer, John Wick is training assassins in his left hand. Because in the previous film, a finger on his right hand was cut off. He uses his left hand everywhere in the trailer. This trailer shows a lot of people like fingerless assassins. Although it has action scenes, this film may have too much story.

In this, the story of assassins and many facts about John Wick family members can be revealed. Now John Wick is under the protection of Bowric King in the trailer. John Wick is going to fight against the high table. John Wick will have to fight with the most skilled assassins. All the assassins are going to fight John Wick. It is believed that the plot will be like that. It has a lot of action scenes.

There are too many opportunities for Winston to be the main villain in this film. John wick is now going against the high table and has a lot of chances to take the elder. Because the trailer of this movie starts in the desert where the elders will be. But it is not known what kind of story this will be. It has to be seen depending on. Overall John Wick 4 is going to be a huge action-packed movie.


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