Megan(2023)-Robot horror movie review

Megan is a quality film written by James Wan. Many people have seen killer robot movies. Those who want to watch a scientific horror movie should definitely watch this. To that extent, they handled many things in this film very nicely. This movie is rated ‘A’ because there is so much violence to the extent of blood splatter. There are many positive points in this film. Mainly the total budget for this film is only 11 million. How an ordinary toy turns into Evil is given very beautifully and convincingly. This robot is self-learning like Ultron for example. It was interesting to see how this doll becomes evil by learning from others. Finally, how it resists the things it tries to save is very natural. It’s these kinds of things that make the film stick with us.

One line of the film is that when a toy is made for business and is used to interact with a child, the child becomes very attached to the toy. What happens after this is the whole plot. It was interesting how some of the human decisions change the Megan doll. It was good to justify that this would not have happened if humans had not made such decisions. Screenplay and writing must be appreciated. The VFX with this Megan doll was awesome. Its laughter, anger, and sadness have been shown very beautifully.

Since this is a horror movie, this Megan doll has been shown as a ghost and it was designed to be enjoyed. The performance of the doll was very enjoyable. In some places, it was weird like dancing suddenly killing many people. The film’s first-day collection alone is 35 million. All collections after this are only profit. After seeing the collection on the first day, the team of Megan has decided to shoot Megan 2. There are some flaws in this film. The cinematography quality of this film is not good. This film does not have quality cinematography like other Hollywood films. Otherwise, you can definitely watch this movie and enjoy it.


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