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The Invitation (2022) – Thriller Movie Review

Casting and Characters:
Nathalie Emmanuel – Evie
Thomas Doherty – Conde Dracula
Stephanie Corneliussen – Viktoria
Alana Boden – Lucy
Hugh Skinner – Oliver Alexander

The film we are going to see in this review is The Invitation, an American horror thriller film released in 2022. First, let’s see what is the plot of this film. The heroine of the film has no one and lives alone. She is doing freelance catering services. She had a mother, but she was also no longer alive. When the film’s heroine takes a DNA test, it is revealed that she has a cousin. The next day she goes to meet her cousin. Then it is revealed that she belongs to a royal family.

The heroine of the film is invited to the wedding because a member of the Royal family in England is going to get married. What happened to the heroine who went to get married is the story of the film. As for The Invitation, all the actors gave a stunning performance. Everyone acted so well that no one could be faulted. Especially Nathalie Emmanuel. While watching this film, was similar to Get Out which was released in 2017. Even when looking at the visual settings in it, it was like a get-out movie. The 2nd half of this film is not that interesting. The production team and makeup artist of this film have put in a lot of effort and are amazing. The climax of The Invitation is completely wasted.

The film would have been better if only the climax had been changed and made interesting in a way that no one could predict. Adult content is a bit too much in this movie. So I can’t watch it with my family. This film has a good plot but if the climax and change were interesting it would have been successful.


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