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Wednesday Netflix Series Review

Casting and Characters:
Jenna Ortega – Wednesday Addams
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Morticia Addams
Christina Ricci – Marilyn
Luis Guzmán – Gomez Addams

Wednesday Series Director: Tim Burton

A series called Wednesday was released on Netflix on 23 November 2022. Let’s see if the Wednesday series is enjoyable. There is a total of 8 episodes in this series. This series is dubbed in other languages ​​like Tamil, English, Hindi, etc. This series can also be called a superhero movie. Wednesday was quite a dark series. They introduced all the characters in this series beautifully. It was set to enjoy.

Jenna Ortega is the only one in the story throughout the Wednesday series. The whole story moves with Wednesday Adams. It is not a team-up series and the story moves with an individual. This Wednesday character will behave psycho throughout the story. The first three episodes of this series are likely to be boring. But the next episodes were lively and entertaining. The main thing to enjoy is that in some episodes the plot is like a murder mystery. This series will have a great villain but the plot writing will be such that you will never find him. Character-wise in this series they have handled it very well.

The origin story of the villain character was excellent. From the first episode of this Wednesday series to the last episode, they will handle a lot of mystery. It was very much like enjoying this series. They will wrap up all the mysteries beautifully without making this series as complex as possible. In this series, they have handled all the timings like past, present, and future very well. There is no 18+ content in this series. So everyone can watch this series. It is noteworthy that this series was very quality.


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