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Amber Quit Acting & Captain America 4 Title Change #superheronews

WGA (Writers Guild Association) is now conducting strike action. Hollywood writers are all together now conducting a strike. Due to this strike, many films and serials have been put on hold. Due to this, films like Superman legacy may be affected. Superman legacy film can be made only if this strike is completed otherwise the release date of the film may be delayed. They are going to release a new Superman game along with this Superman legacy movie.

The Snyder Con event has just finished. Nothing major was revealed in this event. They have shown some scenes for the next three films. In this, they said that the character Wonder Woman should be Kryptonian in the Snyderverse. It has been reported that Deathstroke will be the villain in Ben Affleck’s version of Batman. It has been said in the event that this will happen in Justice League 2 and 3.

Due to this, the promotion of Flash movies is going on very busy. A lot of spoilers are coming in the TV Spot that is out now. The total budget for Flash is 240 million dollars. On the Hollywood side, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 directed by James Gunn is playing in all theaters. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is a good quality movie even though there are some flaws in this movie.

The title of Captain America 4 is New World Order. But now the title of this film has been changed. In the real world, there are some problems between Russia and China. Marvel Studios has now decided to change the title as this New World Order seems to reflect that. The Loki season 2 release date is now available. The Loki season 2 project is rumored to release in October. Due to writers’ problems, the production work of Blade film has been stopped.

Amber Heard is not getting any film opportunities now due to the problems between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Because of this, Amber Heard said that she will not act in the film anymore and went to Spain. Aquaman 2 will be Amber Heard’s last film. While the production work for Mortal Combat is going on, Karl Urban has been roped in to star in the film. It is noteworthy that he acted in the boys’ season.


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