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Ana de Armas as Wonder Women & Jr NTR in MCU #superheronews

At the cinema con event, Marvel Studios is showing the upcoming movie Guardians of the galaxy vol 3. Rotten Tomatoes has given a rating of 85 percent for this film. Everyone who has seen this film has given a review saying that there are many emotions and it is the best of the Marvel films that have come out this year. There are two post-credit scenes at the end of this film. In an interview a few days ago, James Gunn was asked who he would cast in the next Guardians movie. James Gunn has said that he will choose Junior NTR who acted in RRR released in India.

First up at Cinema Con was Sony Entertainment. Sony has released a teaser for Kraven the Hunter without any major updates. The team has said that Kraven the Hunter movie will definitely be Horror rated. Casting work for Fantastic Four is going on in full swing. Rumors are now spreading on websites that Adam Driver will play the role of Reed Richards in the main casting for Fantastic Four. The casting details of Fantastic 4 will be released within the next 2 months.

DC Studios released the 2nd trailer for The Flash. The trailer is really awesome. It is from this film that the new DC universe starts. Everyone who saw the film at the premiere said that it was very nice and good. They have said that the script for Flash 2 is ready after this Flash movie. When the Aquaman 2 trailer was shown at the premiere, some people were saying that none of us would watch the movie because Amber Heard was in it. While it was already said that this film is bad, a new problem has arisen with Amber.

Ana de Armas was asked a few questions during an interview for Ghosted some time ago. When asked if she would play Wonder Woman in it, Ana de Armas said, “There is a desire, but Gal Gadot is the right person for Wonder Woman.” A number of trailers have been released at Cinema Con. Many trailers like Smile 2, Sonic 3, Avatar Airbender, and Kung Pu Panda 4 have been shown at Cinema Con.


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