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Black Panther Wakanda Forever Movie Review

Casting Characters and Roles:

Tenoch Huerta : Namor
Letitia Wright: Shuri
Dominique Thorne: Iron Heart
Angela Bassett: Ramonda
Danai Gurira: Okoye
Winston Duke: M’baku
Lupita Nyong’o: Nakia

Wakanda Forever Director: Ryan Coogler
Production company: Marvel Studios

Let’s look at the review of a Black panther – Wakanda forever movie which was released a few days ago. The cinematography and VFX of this film were very good. The visuals and plot of this film were the best of the Marvel Phase 4 films. The underwater scene in it was amazing and beautiful.

In this, the fights between the two nations were shown in a beautiful and different way. T’challa’s death was handled very nicely. The character Ramonda had a powerful presence and gave a stunning performance of standard women. In all the scenes she comes in, she is amazing at acting as the queen of Wakanda.

Next is Shuri, the most important character in this film. The plot of the main film revolves around him. All the characters are given importance in this film. The character Namor plays the role of the anti-villain in this story. His origin story is completely changed from the comics. His culture and habitat were well portrayed in the film. His performance was good.

Overall the visuals and underwater scene of this film were well done. The music and sound effects of this film are spectacular. The music of this film lifts the film. The running time of this film is just a bit too long. The lack of action scenes seems to be a drawback. Apart from that, the ending of all the movies of MCU Phase 4 is the same.


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