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Evil Wanda is the Villain in Deadpool 3

The shooting of Deadpool 3 was going on. But the shooting of Deadpool 3 has been put on hold due to Strike. Deadpool 3 is already said to be released in November next year, so there are chances of delay. Due to this, it is doubtful whether the Dead Pool movie will be released next year. There are some reports that Wanda and Loki will have a cameo in this film. Let’s look at this information in more detail.

Loki will definitely appear in this Deadpool 3 movie. Because Deadpool 3 is a fully Multiverse movie, TVA Agents Loki and Mobius will be coming. Apart from that, there is a rumor that the AI named Miss Minutes also plays an important role. At the end of Loki season 2, chances are Loki will take control of the entire TVA. There are chances of a new variant of Loki coming in this Deadpool 3 movie. Wolverine and Deadpool fight scenes were released a few weeks ago. Chances are those fight scenes are going to be VOID.

Emma Corrin has reportedly been cast as the main female villain in Deadpool 3. This actor character is going to kill a lot of Mutants in the movie. Emma Corrin is rumored to be Wanda’s Variant. But in the previous Doctor Strange movie, Wanda was a Nexus being. Not sure how they are going to handle those things in Deadpool 3. How Wanda will meet Deadpool and how the plot will go is unknown. It has been reported that a female Deadpool variant will also be shown in this Deadpool 3 movie.


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