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Fantastic Four Casting and Plot Leaks

While marvel phase 5 is about to start, there are things related to the casting work for the Fantastic Four movie which is going to be the first movie in phase 6. With John Watts out of Fantastic Four, Matt Shakman, director of the Wanda Vision series, has stepped in. The cast work for the Marvel movies coming in phase 6 has already started. Apart from that there are many leaks going on in the script. Who will be the villain in the film? Where is this film going? This film is going to lead to Avengers’ Secret Wars.

They have decided to release this Avengers Secret Wars film in two parts. That means Kang Dynasty as a film and Secret Wars Part 1 and Part 2 will be released in Phase 6. The first casting work for the Fantastic Four movie is about to happen for the character Reed Richards. Star Wars stars Kylo Ren and Ryan Coln are in the cast. Following this, Dev Patel, who acted in Avatar last Airbender, is the first in the casting. Kevin Feige has revealed that Marvel Phase 5 and 6 will bring more cultural diversity.

There was a character named Silver Suffer, the villain from the original Fantastic Four films. But the character Galactus is the main villain in the Fantastic four that will be released in Marvel Phase 6. Since there is an incursion in this Fantastic four movie, when Galactus comes to destroy the Earth to prevent it, there are many chances that the story will be about how the Fantastic four stopped it. If it is a Fantastic Four movie, Doctor Doom will definitely be the villain. Apart from that, Doctor Doom will be an important villain in Secret Wars.


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