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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Movie Review

Guardians of the galaxy volume 3 was a bit different from the Marvel Phase 4 movies so far. A must-watch for Marvel fans, you will definitely love this movie. This film will be the last film in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. James Gunn has shown the ending of this film very well. Director James Gunn has beautifully shown comedy, emotions, and fight scenes in this film. Battered by a rocket in a fight and fighting for its life, it needs an item to save it. That thing has a high evolutionary potential to be a villain. The whole story is about how they captured that object and saved Rocket’s life.

This Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 movie does not move the plot with Starlord and Gamora but the whole story moves with Rocket. Rocket’s past and the emotions between his friends were cute in this movie. It is noteworthy that the story of Rocket is handled beautifully from the first part to the last part of Guardians of the Galaxy. For a film to be interesting, the villain must be strong. In this film, the villain character was likable as it suited the story.

The plot of this film is presented as a story between Rocket and High Evolutionary. The villain of this film is portrayed as very ruthless and cruel. The success of this film is due to the importance given to all the characters in it. The story and screenplay of this film are not boring at all. The non-linear plot of this film like flashbacks and present time was enjoyable. One thing that must be talked about in this film is the VFX animation. In this film, the VFX is not lacking anywhere, and they have done a very good VFX.


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