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High Evolutionary Created the Mutants!

James Gunn will be designing a highly evolutionary villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. They will clearly convey what that high evolutionary character can do. I don’t know what is the back story of High Evolutionary. If this high evolutionary thought, we can create another planet like Earth and make animals evolve and live on it. He is cruel but very intelligent. He also created Adam Warlock.

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, the High Evolutionary’s spaceship completely explodes. But a VFX Artist has revealed that the High Evolutionary is not dead yet. It is revealed that Drax is keeping the High Evolutionary’s body safe in Knowhere. Seeing all this, Marvel is thinking of building a story with High Evolutionary. This High Evolutionary character seems to be very important.

A High Evolutionary would have lived for 3000 years. There are chances that this character is related to the Egypt apocalypse. Because the villain in the X-men apocalypse may have been created by him. First tested by the High Evolutionary 3000 years ago may be the human apocalypse. Because the apocalypse is called the first mutant. A High Evolutionary can create a 1000-year evolution in 5 minutes.

From this, it is my opinion that Marvel wants to connect In-humans and mutants together through High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary’s job is to evolve. There are chances of the plot moving with High Evolutionary to transform humans to the next level of mutants. A beginning for Mutants is the main reason to keep him alive at the end of the film because we can start with the High Evolutionary.


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