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Justice League vs Monsterverse and Minnal Murali Comic – Superhero News

Here’s a look at the latest news from Marvel and the DCU this week. Little information has been available this week as the Hollywood Strike continues. It is reported that this strike will continue for another month. Many films in Marvel and DC have been delayed due to this strike. However, since the Comic Con event took place on July 20-23, some information is available. Let’s see what was featured in this Comic Con event.

First, let’s see what happened at the Comic-Con event on the DCU side. DCU has announced a new comic story. They are releasing the title Justice League vs Monsterverse. The newly made Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong is out soon. The storyline is that a portal is accidentally opened in the DCU Universe and Monsters (Godzilla, Kong) arrive in the DCU universe. The story will be about how the DCU Heros stopped these Monsters. It will soon be released as a miniseries.

Blue Beetle will hit the theaters on 18 August 2023 without any promotions due to the ongoing strike. The budget of this film is only 12 crores USD. Undoubtedly, it will make a huge collection as the budget is meager. There are reports that the 3rd reshoot for Aquaman 2 is going on. The release of Aquaman 2 has been hit hard by the ongoing Strike. Two new animation series have been announced at the DCU Comic Con event. Two new animation series Watchman and Justice League-Crisis on Infinite Earths have been reported.

On the Marvel side, Secret Invasion Episode 5 was released. Episode 5 was awesome. The total budget of this Secret Invasion series is 212 million Dollars. But the 212 million Dollars Secret Invasion looks like it has no VFX. The Season 1 Finale is coming this week. The final trailer for The Marvels was released. The Marvels movie is rumored to be the lead for the Secret Wars movie.

The teaser for Project K, a superhero film in India, was released at the Comic-Con event. The full title of Project K is Kalki 2898 AD. While watching this teaser, there are some similarities between Starwars and Dune movie. The comic book of Minnal Murali movie was featured at the Comic-Con event. Last year, Netflix announced plans to make a Heman film. But now the He-man movie has been dropped as Complete.


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