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Marvel Phase 4 Series and Presentations | Ratings

In this, we are going to see about the web series and special presentation released in phase 4 of Marvel Studios. All the films and series in Phase 4 have been released. Well, now let’s go through each series in order. First, let’s talk about the special presentation.

Special Presentation:

  1. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
    This movie was released on 25 November 2022 on disney+. It is exactly 44 minutes movie. The only downside to this film is that it doesn’t have a villain. It was a jolly feel good movie to enjoy. James Gunn should be appreciated. Even though it is a small project, he has put in as much effort as possible.
  1. Werewolf by Night
    This film was shot in black and white as a very thriller horror film. This is definitely Marvel’s first horror-rated project. The VFX and sound effects were flawless in this film. Marvel has informed us that there will be more special presentations in the next phase project.

Web Series:

  1. I Am Groot
    The series was very popular but very short-lived. The total duration of this series is 5-6 minutes. The Groot in it is doing some pranks. It will be all about baby Groot.
  1. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
    This is the worst series ever. In this series only Episodes 1,2 and final were valuable. Apart from this, the other episodes were not good and could not be enjoyed. There were many disappointments in this film. Mainly the VFX of She hulk in this series looked like a toy. In this, the most anticipated daredevil cameo was completely lost.
  1. Ms. Marvel
    Iman Vellani’s charming acting is the most important reason for the success of this series. Kamala’s powers in this story were completely changed from the comics. They have tried to give Ms.Marvel’s origin as strong as possible. Many episodes are shot in Indian style. The sequel of this film is coming The Marvels.
  1. Hawkeye
    Hawkeye is a very good series. This series shows how ordinary people are affected by superheroes. Hailee Steinfeld, played by Kate Bishop, is amazing and the origin story for them is well done. Not only that, the action scenes in this film were excellent. The scenes with both Kate Bishop and Hawkeye were great. The writing and character development of this film was excellent. This series was a bit laggy.
  1. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    This series itself was an average series. Both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the Hawkeye series follow the same style. Redemption for winter soldier in this series was good. Anthony Mackie, the newcomer who replaced captain America, performed well. Many people said that he is not suitable for Captain America, but he is acting well in this series. The relationship between Falcon and Winter Soldier is well established.
  1. WandaVision
    This is the first series of Marvel phase 4. That’s why the hype for this series was high. This series was very different and had a lot that many did not expect. Character development and story writing especially for Wanda was excellent. The villain character of Agatha Harkness was suitable for the story. There were many unexpected cameos in this series. They have shown him as the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. All the episodes in it were very enjoyable.
  1. Moon Knight
    This series became a success that no one expected. Especially Oscar Isaac’s performance is amazing. The moon knight character that no one had ever heard of was now everyone’s favorite. The Egyptian gods in this series were a bit different and surprising. Needless to say, Oscar Isaac’s performance is amazing as he plays four characters. They beautifully present the extent to which the problems in one’s life can change him.
  1. What If…?
    It was released on August 11, 2021, as a multiverse-related animation series. It had a different timeline for each superhero. All the characters in this were linked beautifully in the last episode. In this story, there will be the robot is the strongest villain called Ultron. It was strange that so many superheroes died in this series. Not only that but it also set it apart from the old Marvel movies. There are more timeline indicators than you might expect.
  1. Loki
    This is the only series in Marvel phase 4 to be number one. The multiverse handles this very nicely. Loki’s different variants and different timeline series were awesome. In this series, emotion, comedy, and action are all well-arranged. The overall writing of this series was super. Apart from that, the TVA concept shown in it was different and new. They were introducing the most important villain of phase 5, Kang the conqueror. It is noteworthy that the making and VFX of the series were good.

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