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Marvel Studios ‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 1 Opening Scene Breakdown

Marvel Studios has now embarked on a different marketing strategy. The series Secret Invasion is streaming on 21 June 2023 on Hotstar. Marvel Studios has released a website titled ‘The Invasion Has Begun‘ for this film. You can watch the 2-minute extended scenes of Secret Invasion Episode 1 by entering a specific password on this website. After that, the teaser of the upcoming film Secret Invasion can also be seen. Let’s wait and see how Secret Invasion fares as Marvel has never done anything like this before. Now let’s see the opening scene breakdown of Secret Invasion Episode 1 in this post.

The timeline of this Secret Invasion storyline is likely to take place in the year 2025. Maybe that’s how the Skrulls took over Earth after the Thanos snap. There are chances that both the Thanos Flip and the present timeline will show how the Skrulls took over Earth. In the beginning, they show Moscow-Present day. In it, someone calls Everett Ross and tells him over the phone that I have secret information, come and see me. Everett meets another agent where Ross has gone. They say they have been following the Skrulls for years.

The agent says that many incidents and attacks are happening in the world like a chain reaction. The agent says that if you look at it normally, there are Skrulls behind it. But agent Everett Ross refuses to believe these things. The agent gives an important piece of information to Ross that what has happened so far has been a normal attack, but a major attack will happen soon. These Skrulls are planning to destroy Earth and make it their planet. The agent says that this should be stopped immediately. While talking like this, the agent knocks Everett Ross down. There are chances that the Skrulls will be in it, like Everett Ross. Because Everett Ross, who is behind this whole scene, has been speaking in support of the Skrulls.

At the end of each of these episodes, it is said that important Skrulls living in human form will be shown. Everett Ross is believed to be a Skrull at the end of the first episode. But the timeline of this series is a bit confusing. This series may take place after Wakanda forever. Marvel has said that this series will definitely give a vibe like Winter Soldier.


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