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MCU Changing Phase 5 Plan | Delayed

Almost 19 projects were released in Marvel phase 4. Many of the films did not satisfy the fans as expected. The last movie out of it, Black Panther Wakanda Forever was excellent. Apart from that, the quality and VFX in some of the films released in phase 4 were very poor. The main reason for this is the release of so many films. Realizing such a big drop, Marvel is now focusing more on the upcoming phase 5 projects.

Now the director of Disney+ has been changed recently. Now Bob Iger has been selected as the new in-charge. It is noteworthy that he was already in Marvel phase 3 projects. Some of the web series released in Marvel phase 5 have been converted into films. The series called vision quest has now been converted into a special presentation. Marvel has decided to turn some series into special presentations.

The series called Wonder Man has now been converted into a special presentation. James Gunn, the new in charge of DC movies, has made many changes. He has given more importance to quality films than quantity. He has stopped the recently released Batgirl film. There will be no change in the first half of the projects of Marvel phase 5. But, the second half is likely to be changed entirely.

Phase 5 films like Blade, Captain America: New world order and Thunderbolts are more likely to be delayed. Blade film is already delayed by two years. There are reports that Moon Knight 2 series is now being shot. Apart from that, the film Secret Wars is also delayed by 6 months. Now we have to wait and see how the movies released in Marvel Phase 5 will be.


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