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MCU Confims R-rated Movies and Series

Since the beginning of the MCU, everyone has been watching PG-13 movies. There are no horror-rated movies to say big. None of the movies released in the Infinity saga is that horror. But the next multiverse saga definitely needs horror-rated content. The director has said that the next Deadpool in Phase 6 will definitely be an R-rated movie. Expectations for this movie are high as Wolverine is coming in Deadpool.

Apart from that, Blade will definitely have R-rated content. PG-13 without being R-rated is definitely not good. Because the character Blade will find and hunt Vampires. If you have seen the old Blade films you know that there is a lot of violence. If it is strictly R-rated, the film will be enjoyable only and chances are high that it will be a huge failure. Rumor has it that the ghost raider character will also appear in a cameo role. Ghost rider should definitely be R-rated.

At the end of the Eternals movie, they will show a preview of the blade movie. The trailer for this film will be out soon. Moon Knight 2 is only good if it is strictly R-rated. While Moon Knight 1 didn’t have any fighting parties, Moon Knight 2 would have been better off with more fight scenes. While the series Daredevil born again is expected to be R-rated, the crew has said that it is definitely PG-13.


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