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MCU Strongest Avenger and Secret Invasion Episode 6 Breakdown

Episode 6, the finale of Secret Invasion, was released on July 26, 2023. But in this episode, Giah gets all the powers of the Avengers. Thus, Giah is currently the strongest Avenger of the MCU. This Giah character is going to be consistent for some future Marvel films. Given that Giah has the powers of Captain America and Thor, would she be worthy of Mjolnir? Strengths and Weaknesses of this Giah and more information can be seen in this blog post.

Giah can’t be Worthy of Mjolnir just because he has Captain America’s powers because Worthy cannot be decided by Powers alone. Worthy depends on their skills and good dispositions. But since Giah has Thor’s DNA, Mjolnir has a higher chance of being Worthy. Similar is happening to Captain Marvel in Comic Story. This storyline will be featured in the comic story of The Last Avengers.

There may be a question of why Giah is given the powers of Avengers and others. The main reason for this could be the villain character Sentry. Sentry will be the biggest villain of Thunderbolts. The character Sentry is the most overpowered villain in comics. Giah may have been given the powers of the Avengers and others to fight this Sentry. Giah will definitely be a member of the Thunderbolts Team.


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