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RDJ’s Rise as Dr. Doom and the Anticipated Loki Season 2: Exciting Superhero News!

This week’s superhero news from Marvel and DCU can be seen one by one in this post. First, let’s see what the updates are from the Marvel side. Loki season 2 is coming soon and while the release date has been confirmed, now there are reports that some changes are going to be made in this series. As the investigation of Jonathan Majors, who played the role of Kang, is going on in the court, there are some rumors that work is going on to replace him in the series. All that is expected to change with Jonathan Majors’ hearing next month.

The production of Thunderbolts has been halted due to the ongoing writers’ strike. The strike is going on without shooting work. Due to these types of reasons, there are many chances of the upcoming Marvel movies being delayed. The shooting for Deadpool 3 is underway. Director Sam Raimi, who made Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is now reported to be back for Doctor Strange 3. Following this, some rumors are spreading on the websites that he is going to make Secret Wars.

During the 50-year anniversary of Iron Man, Kevin Feige said that RDJ was cast as Doctor Doom before Iron Man. After that, when they did the screen test, they decided that he would be suitable for the role of Ironman. The next film on the DCU side is The Flash which is slated to release on 16 June 2023. They are spoiling the entire film in the name of promotion of this film. Audition and production work for Superman Legacy is going on.

On the Hollywood side, the production company has confirmed that the work for Johnwick 5 is under development. All the John Wick movies released so far have collected 1 billion at the box office. Similarly, it has been reported that a separate series for John Snow in Game of Thrones is under development. Production work is going on to make G.I.Joe and Transformers a crossover event together. The post-production work for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning has been completed. The running time for this film is 2 hours 36 minutes.


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