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Secret Invasion trailer review and Breakdown

Secret Invasion Trailer 2 was released on April 2. There is no doubt that this trailer has created the vibe of Captain America Winter Soldier. So far we have seen Nick Fury as a funny character, but in this trailer he is crazy. There is a total of 6 episodes in this secret invasion series. The series will be released on 21 June 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar. Kevin Feige has said that the secret invasion series will be completely different from the films released so far.

In Secret Invasion, the shape-shifting Skrulls take over Earth. The Skrulls control the Earth by changing their form as the people in some important positions. How Nick Fury prevented all this will be the whole story. This entire series is all about suspense. You will surely have many surprises that you did not expect. The Secret Invasion trailer 2 that was released is completely different and suspenseful.

The entire secret invasion storyline will take place within 5 years of Thanos’ flip. After Thanos snapped in Avengers infinity war many changes happened on this earth. It is at that time that the Skrulls are more likely to settle on Earth. The plot is all about the fight between the humans and the Skrulls. This plot will have a larger storyline in the comic. But we have to wait and see what kind of plot is set in the film.

In this trailer, Nick Fury says “This is my fight, I have to finish it”. There is a high chance that this whole storyline will go like a one-man army. The Skrulls have a lot of human samples in this trailer. Looking at this, it is clear that the Skrulls are living in shape-shifting like many humans. Nick Fury is the main character of this secret invasion series. But it is not known how he is responsible for the secret invasion. Armor Wars are coming as a sequel to this secret invasion movie. The foundation for armor wars will definitely happen in the secret invasion.


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