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Spiderman is an Avenger’s New Leader

Yesterday, all the spiderman updaters gathered together and gave some new updates. Spiderman is going to be the biggest lead in the Kang Dynasty movie. Besides that Tom Holland has signed a huge deal with Marvel. It has been revealed that Spider-man’s solo movie will come before the highly anticipated Secret Wars movie by Marvel fans. Spider-Man is the leadup to the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 and 5. Some people posted this information a year ago. Script and Storyline work for Spider-Man 4 is currently underway.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Spiderman 5 and 6 are coming after Spiderman 4. Spiderman will be the leadup in Kang Dynasty and will be in the lead role in Secret Wars. Spiderman will definitely get a Symbiote Suit in the Secret Wars movie. Because the lead of the symbiote suit will already be shown in the post-credit scene of Spiderman No way home. In the comics, Spider-Man only got a true Symbiote suit in Secret Wars. The entire story will move by following Spider-Man in the next films. I don’t know how interesting this will be.

In all previous Avengers films, the plot does not move forward with one lead. All superheroes have their own separate storylines. But I don’t know how it will be to bring Spider-Man as the lead for the Kang Dynasty movie. Spiderman is the only popular and familiar comic character among the new Avengers.


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