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Superman Casting and Kang Fired – #SuperheroNews

Let’s see what interesting superhero news is coming for this week. Before that Cinema Con starts today. This Cinema Con week will definitely have updates and new trailers for new films. Sony Entertainment is going to hold a big event at the cinema con tomorrow. In this, Sony Entertainment movies and Spiderman trilogy updates will definitely be available. Many people are waiting for the title teaser of Venom 3. But Marvel Studios did not participate in this cinema con event.

First, let’s see what was coming from the Marvel side. You must have seen the trailer of The Marvels. Now this trailer is officially the most disliked movie on the websites. The Marvels have received more than 8 lakh dislikes. No word on the issue has come from Marvel Studios. No matter what, the film is definitely going to release. On one side marvels trailer dislike, on the other side fans are waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The running time for this film is exactly 2 hours 29 minutes. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 movie will hit theaters worldwide on 5 May 2023.

As the work on Venom 3 continues, a leak has been received. Morbius played Loki in season 1 of this movie. I don’t know what kind of plot this is. They have done new casting work for Agatha Coven of Chaos. In this, they have done a new casting for the character of Elio. It has been reported that the shooting of the Avengers Kang dynasty will begin in April next year. Jonathan Major, who played the role of Kang, has been arrested, and there are many opportunities for new casting for the character of Kang.

Creature Commandos is an upcoming film directed by James Gunn. The casting work for this film was done last week. Following this, James Gunn has said that this film will release in the month of March next year in 2024. James Gunn’s forthcoming film Superman: Legacy has completed script work and production work has begun. Superman casting will be known as soon as possible.


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