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Marvel Studios The Marvel’s Trailer is out

The trailer for Marvel Studios’ The Marvels is out on YouTube. The trailer for this movie is different and funny. The film is slated to release on 10 November 2023 as the last Marvel film of the year. The film is a sequel to Ms. Marvel. In the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel’s movie, captain marvel and Kamala Khan will switch places automatically while using Bangel Powers. This trailer is a bit different and new than expected.

The film stars Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Nick Fury. In this film, the powers of Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel are combined together. Thus, if one uses their powers, one shift to another place. These things can be clearly seen in the trailer. The trailer opens with Nick Fury aboard the space station SABER. Monica Rambeau sends Nick Fury to track down a strange portal around Earth. Ms. Marvel arrives at the scene when Monica Rambeau touches the portal.

A woman named Zawe Ashton played the role of the villain in this film. His name is Darban. You can see her in the trailer. Beside her is Ronan. Ronan is already dead in Guardians of the Galaxy. But seeing that Ronan is in this film, there are many chances that there will be some time travel-related scenes in this film. Due to this time travel there are more chances of incursion events. Zawe Ashton has the same Bangle as Ms. Marvel. They have already teased another bangle in the Ms. Marvel movie. At the end of this movie, this bangle can be available to Ms marvel.

Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel are teamed up in one place to avoid being shifted. In the fight scenes in this trailer, it’s nice to switch from one person to another while using powers. The visuals and quality of this movie are good. This movie is a bit different from the previous Marvel movies. In this trailer, they show a different planet called Alatna. Everyone on this planet communicates by dancing through songs.

Captain Marvel and Yaarn seem to be getting married on Alatna Planet. I think Zawe Ashton is coming to destroy the king on this planet Alatna. The story will be about how Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel stopped Zawe Ashton. At the end of this film, the incursion event will take place and may lay the foundation for the Multiverse saga.


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