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Time Slipping and Loki Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

The Loki season 2 trailer was released on 31st July 2023 as everyone expected. Loki Season 2 will release on 6th October 2023 on Hotstar. The trailer was really awesome. The trailer has lots of different effects and time slipping. There are many interesting details in this trailer, you can find all about it in this blog post. Those who haven’t seen the trailer must watch it and then read this blog post.

In the trailer’s opening shot, Loki and Mobius meet the technology handler at TVA. In this Loki keeps glitching a lot so Loki goes to different timelines. This trailer shows how Sacred Time is shaping up. This TVA has a lot of things going on differently and the whole place where the old Kang died is in ruins. Sylvie is now shown as being in the 1970 Timeline after killing Kang. Loki is looking for Slyvie, who is hiding out in the 1970s. It has been reported that the first two episodes of Loki season 2 will be about finding Slyvie.

Loki is shown looking for a Zaniac named Brad Wolfe. This Zaniac has the power to track people in the Multiverse. It turns out that Loki has asked Brad Wolf for help in finding Slyvie. Loki attacks and captures Brad Wolfe using his Powers. How Loki and Slyvie finally work together to prevent danger to themselves and the TVA is likely to be the whole plot. In last season 1, Revona was shown to be leaving somewhere. When watching the trailer, it is revealed that Revona leaves and meets Kang in the Victor Timeline.

In the same Victor Timeline, Slyvie also comes to kill Kang. Since Revona is with Kang in the same timeline, Slyvie and Revona have a big fight. Finally, Mobius puts on the space suit and leaves to fix the timeline. It is clear that Loki and Mobius both want to change their past. Because even in the Loki season 2 poster, Loki is running anti-clockwise. Given all this, it makes sense that Loki and Mobius are trying to change something in Victor’s timeline. We have to wait and see what the plot of this series is going to be like. We will see clearly the Timeline Slipping happening in this Loki Season 2 in the next post.


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