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Unveiling the Secrets: Tony Stark was a Skrull

In Marvel’s secret invasion series, not knowing who Skrulls is and who is human, the entire episodes are suspenseful. It was shown in the last episode that those who call Nick Fury as Fury are humans and those who call Nick as Skrulls. So far Nick Fury has found some Skrulls just by his name. Skrulls have lived on Earth for 30 years. In this blog post, you can see who has called Nick Fury as Nick in the recent Marvel movies.

War Machine reveals that ‘Rody’ is a Skrull in episode 4. But it is not known how long he has been with the Skrulls. Rody must have been with Tony Stark for years as Skrulls. This reason could be the inspiration for War Machine’s upcoming movie Armor Wars.

In Ironman 2, Tony Stark refers to Nick Fury as Fury at several points. But in Avengers Age of Ultron, Tony Stark calls Nick Fury as Nick. In this film Ultron wants to destroy the world and create a new world, the Skrulls are on Earth with the same purpose. Considering all this, Ironman is definitely for Skrulls.

At the end of the Captain Marvel movie, Thanos’ Snap kills everyone. In it, Maria Hill calls Nick Fury Nick Nick while disappearing. Considering all this, Maria Hill is definitely Skrulls. Talos would have brought millions of Skrulls to Earth in the 5-year gap since Nick Fury disappeared. Skrulls have good guys and bad guys. Some of the Skrulls who have lived in human form for years are good. We will have to see who will be the next Skrulls in the next Episode 5.


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