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Who is black panther? Does he have any superpowers?

Who is black panther? Does he have any superpowers? Who is this T’Challa black panther we will see about the power and origin?

Thousands of years ago Wakanda was divided into 6 tribes. One of them is the panther tribe. At that time, a huge rock falls from the sky to the earth. It is revealed that Vibranium, the strongest metal, is found throughout coal. They use that Vibranium to create various weapons and technologies. Not only that, a rare plant grows where the coal fell. Eating that plant gives them extra energy.

Every year the six tribals compete together. The winner of that competition will eat the herbal plant and get its strength and sit on the throne as the king.

T’Challa (Black Panther) aka Chadwick Boseman Tribute

Using that Vibranium and that herbal power to improve the Wakanda race and unite the other six tribes, T’Challa sits as king. This story attracted many people to watch this film. The second part of this black panther will release on November 11. The film is expected to be well received.


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