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Wolverine vs Deadpool 3 First Look leaked

Unexpectedly, many posters and updates for Deadpool 3 have been released. As outdoor shooting is going on now, lots of shooting photos and videos have been released. It features Wolverine in a comic-accurate yellow suit. Check out the breakdown of Wolverine’s suite and leaked set videos in this blog post.

In the released shooting photos, Wolverine is wearing a comic-accurate yellow suit and Deadpool is wearing a red suit. This wolverine yellow costume is designed like the wolverine costume from the Astonishing X-Men comic book series. The reason why Wolverine’s helmet is missing in this photo is that it was broken during the fight between Deadpool and Wolverine. Deadpool and Wolverine don’t work together, instead, they fight each other fiercely. Videos for that have also been released.

Kevin Feige has said that this Deadpool movie will be full of time travel. It is not clear which universe Wolverine in this film belongs to. Because he never wore a yellow suit in all the movies released before this. It is believed that there will be many cameos in this Deadpool movie. Apart from that, there are reports that there are chances of some cameos from the Fantastic Four.

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