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The Evil Dead Rise Movie Review

When it comes to horror movies, Evil Dead movies are one that attracts many people. There are a lot of Evil Dead movies coming out of this. Out of these, only a few films meet the expectations of the fans and many are disappointing. They rebooted the Evil Dead films in 2013 and 2014. The new horror movie Evil Dead Rise is releasing on 21st April 2023 and is running all over the world. Did the film meet the expectations of the fans or not? is a question mark.

The audience reaction in the pre-release of this film was good. This film received a lot of positive reviews from all the viewers. Although it does not fulfill this expectation, it is a decent film to some extent. Only the 1st half of this movie had horror elements, but the entire 2nd half was like Chain Saw movies. The production and cinematography of this film was commendable. The film’s budget is only $19 million. They have given a very quality movie on this budget.

The entire plot of this film takes place in a single apartment. The making quality and production quality of this apartment were fantastic. A Final Destination movie? No. Is this an Evil Dead movie? This begs the question. Evil Dead was the film with the most violence. The running time of this movie is 1h 36m. It is noteworthy that who will die next took the movie Evil Dead to the next level. While watching this movie, it seemed like it was over in a while but the screenplay was good without any lag anywhere.

Mainly the action and horror sequences of this film are handled very beautifully. It seems that VFX animation has come as a complement to this film. The negative side of this movie is the book Necronomicon shown in this movie. This book is shown to the same extent as in the old evil dead movies. Many people thought that there would be an origin story in this book, but there is nothing about it in these films. The lead for the next film is given in the post-credit scene. They have made it like old evil dead movies without thinking of anything new. However, some horror scenes were enjoyable.


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