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Pixar’s Elemental(2023) Movie Review

The cartoon movie Elemental has been released and running in theaters. This movie will definitely satisfy Pixar fans. A connection and introduction to the Pixar film are given here. They have presented a different story using the 5 elements of the earth. In this blog post, we will see the positive and negative things of the movie Elemental.

The plot was interesting as the different cities for these Elements, the fire elements who were newly settling in it, and the other elements who did not accept it. Then how fire elements created recognition for themselves is the whole story. The VFX animation of these Elements was fantastic. This film is an example of how Pixar never skimps on animation. The fact that each element is given unique characteristics takes the storyline to the next level.

You can easily connect with every elemental character in this film. In this film, the voice actors have given dubbing brilliantly. It is noteworthy that the voice was suitable for all elements to the extent that no scene was criticized. Although the plot of this film is predictable, it is very interesting without being boring. Feminism and Racism being talked about in some places in this film seemed to bring reality to the plot. The film ultimately suggests that everyone is equal.

There is no villain character in this film. The plot of this elements movie is entirely related to family sentiment. The negative of this film is that it lacks emotion like old Pixar films. Couldn’t connect with many characters because the Emotion scenes weren’t set up properly. Only things you expect to happen in the story, nothing like Twist and Turn in this story. The first half of this film was brisk but the second half of the film started to get boring due to the slow pace of the plot.


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