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Shazam! Fury of the Gods movie Review

DCU film Shazam Fury of the Gods is slated to release on March 17 2023 and is currently running in theaters. Definitely, a must-watch movie for everyone. If you watch this with family, it will be like Timepass. There is no shortage of comedy in this film. Zachary Levi’s performance was amazing. His humor and his emotions are amazing in acting. Freddy Freeman’s character Jack Dylan Grazer has more screen time than shazam. Freddy Freeman has beautifully portrayed the problems of love and family sentiment.

Some important storylines are moving with Freddy Freeman. The relationship between Freddy and Billy has been expanded in this film more than in Shazam 1. We must talk about the villain characters in this film. Helen Mirren, who plays the villain in an aged look, is amazing in her performance. We are afraid of how these Shazam heroes are going to defeat them. Rachel, Helen, and Lucy Liu all play Atlas’ sisters. They come to earth to destroy those who have wronged them. The fight between Shazam and the Atlas Family is the whole story of the film.

Twist and turn is not a big movie but it is a good movie. It is noteworthy that the writing and screenplay of this film kept the film engaging. There is a lot of comedy in this film. All the comedy was enjoyable and cringe-free. It was enjoyable to go with the flow of the film without taking separate time for comedies. The running time of this film is only 2h 10m. It was so interesting that you don’t know time passing while watching this film. Emotions, Fights, Love, and sentiment were shown well in these 2 hours.

The screenplay of this movie was better than Black Adam. Lag and Bore are not hit anywhere in this film. The VFX of the fight parties in the film was pleasing. There is no VFX to complain about anywhere. Lots of different beasts and creatures all done with amazing VFX. There are no horror elements in this film. In this film, the character of Wonder Woman in the climax was very enjoyable. Overall, the quality, music, and action of this film were a good workout. Although there are some flaws in this film, you should definitely watch it once.


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